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Fortaleza de la Mola Menorca
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Fortaleza de la Mola Menorca - Photo: Sindy Nero

Fortaleza de la Mola

The Fortress of Isabel II and Fortaleza de la Mola is a military complex located on a peninsula at the entrance to the port of Mahon, Menorca. Its name comes from Queen Isabella II of Spain, which was built in the mid-nineteenth century. In front of this fortress, is the Castillo de San Felipe, which guards the entrance to the port from the other side of the mouth.

In the year 1849 began the work of the Fortaleza de Isabel II, built on the peninsula of La Mola, in the port of Mahon (Menorca), with three objectives: to defend the port, provide the basis for operations throughout the Army island and provide a haven of security, ultimately, to the Army.

Construction was completed in 1875, but was outdated before it opened due to developments in artillery technology. In 1896, he began a second phase in which batteries were installed and a canyon about 40 km from alcance.La strength has never been attacked.

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Fortaleza de la Mola

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